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Teach The Word Of God

Sunday Morning Worship

There are two ways to receive the Word of God: In-person on Sunday Morning’s at 10am or Live online right here on our website!! We look forward to having you join us. Click here to enjoy some of our previous messages.

Discipleship Class

On Wednesday nights there is an opportunity to not only receive the Word of God, but also engage in questions regarding the Bible and share your personal insights and experiences.

Children’s Church and Teen Church

On Sunday Morning’s there is an opportunity for Young Children and Teen’s to learn in their own way. The lessons are taught in a creative way and include interactive opportunities for each group.

Engage Others

The best way to remain Engaged is to get involved. There are several internal ministries at Saint Matthew that offer an opportunity for you to serve and use your gifts and talents:

Greeter’s Ministry

Our Greeters are the first smiling face you’ll see when you enter the doors of Saint Matthew. They provide a warm welcome to everyone they meet. If you have a bright smile and a warm heart, this is the ministry for you.​

Usher’s Ministry

Our Ushers serve side by side with our Greeters. As they guide you to a comfortable seat, they’ll be available to answer any questions regarding the layout of the facility and aide and assist you with any other requested information. If you’re open to being a tour guide to those in attendance, we need you!


Media Ministry

Our Media Ministry provides vision and sound to our in-person and online attendees. They are technologically savvy and committed to ensuring an enhanced experience. If you have strong computer skills, this is the area for you!

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry sets an amazing atmosphere with a sound that not only fills the room, but our souls as well. They have a wide array of songs that takes us a classical and contemporary journey. If you have the ability to sing and or play an instrument, please join us for one of our auditions.

Kitchen Ministry

Our Kitchen Ministry provides us with meals that identify with the taste of our Southern proximity. During our times of fellowship, you can always expect great tastes and great service. If you like to cook and are willing to serve, this is the place for you!

Assemble For Fellowship

Saint Matthew is a church that makes everyone feel like family. There are too many opportunities to fellowship to list here, but we ask that you check our events page and get involved in all of the available ways to fellowship.

Mobilize To Serve

It is our belief that the mark of a great ministry is not limited to what happens within our walls, but is measured by the impact that we have outside of our walls. The ministries below provide opportunities to serve in our community!

DJJ Ministry

We have the opportunity to serve inside of the Department of Juvenile Justice on a weekly basis. We have a dedicated team of people who teach there every other Saturday and our Outreach Minister serves as a chaplain during the week. If you have a heart for Incarcerated Youth, this is the ministry for you!


Good News Club

In Partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship, we have the ability to minister to students at Sue Cleveland Elementary school each week. Our dedicated TEAM of volunteers meets at the school each Wednesday from 2pm-4:30pm. If you have a heart to minister to school age children, this is the ministry for you!


Boxes of Love

Each year we partner with other community ministries to provide Boxes of Love at Thanksgiving. This gives needy families the opportunity to have all of the ingredients to make a home-cooked meal. If you’re in need of assistance during Thanksgiving please click here and let us know.


12 Days of Giving

Since 2011 Saint Matthew has been blessing needy families at Christmas time. From December 12th to December 23rd we give needy families assistance. If you are in need during Christmas, please click here to let us know.

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